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True Potential—Trials, triumphs, and takeaways from the trails.


MARCH 31, 2021

How to get ready to run races again

It’s been a year since most runners have lined up on race day. Here’s how to prepare.

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APRIL 2017

10 Easy Dynamic Stretches To Do
Before You Run

Avoid injury by warming up before every run. Follow along with the video and learn 10 easy stretches to add to your routine.

Dana in a marathon


Dublin, Ireland

Dana helps get one step closer to winning the fight against arthritis, the nation's number one cause of disability.

Coach Dana jumping

JUNE 11, 2020

Coach Dana: Be you.

Connect and Rise with Coach Dana of True Potential Running. Dana encourages each of us to be unafraid to BE YOU.


APRIL 2017

14 Things To Do To Help Manage Plantar Fasciitis

If you think you have plantar fasciitis, here are a few things that you can do to aid the healing process and mentally cope.

Group excercise

APRIL 8, 2020

How Runners Are Staying Connected While Social Distancing

Whether you miss the camaraderie, accountability, or racing, here are six ways to stick together with your running buddies right now.

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Lopez Brings Home State Medal

For Larry Lopez, it was a bit of redemption and a nice cap to his high school cross country career.

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