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I have been running with True Potential Running for the past few months and I have been able to learn the most important thing about running— make it fun! Coach Dana has been nothing but amazing and patient with me. She created a customized running plan that fit my hectic schedule and she’s always willing to answer questions. True Potential Running is my family and I am forever grateful for them helping me rediscover my passion for running.


experienced runner  San Diego, CA

Having a structured
plan from my coach kept me confident and reduced stress. Every tip and trick I learned has made me better!


experienced runner  |  Orlando, FL

Coach Larry was excellent! The training was expertly personalized and I saw a huge increase in my fitness while working with him. He was quick to respond to any questions I had and willing to adjust my training as needed (for travel, injuries etc). I had so much fun for the Boston Marathon. Couldn’t recommend Larry enough!

I am more healthy, prepared and confident in my ability to run.


With Coach Dana's guidance, not only did I reach my primary goals in 2 months, I have improved my mile time by 3 minutes. I recently completed my fastest 5K ever!  Her encouragement and wisdom helped me to push through on days I didnt think I was able to complete my daily run. She has helped me find the confidence to finally sign up for my first 10K and get closer to my bucket list goal of a half marathon! 


novice runner  Euless, TX


As an experienced and former college runner, I have struggled with training consistency and injuries for several years. Following a recent knee injury, I started working with Coach Larry at TPR. Larry created a specific training plan that has helped me to build up and maintain a strong base of mileage, with the right progression to more challenging speed work. I am now running injury free and starting to hit some paces I haven’t seen for many years.


experienced runner  Chicago, IL

My pace decreased and I am now able to run a 5k without stopping! I am a stronger runner and have more confidence!


I really loved that my coach embraced interval workouts. It's something that I can be insecure about so it was so nice that she was trained in it and supported me using it! I am feeling great!


Training with Coach Dana has been one of the best decisions I have made for running and my day-to-day life. As a busy teacher, it is great to know my running plans are already complete and they're helping me tackle my goals without any stress on my end. I just log in and check out the plan for the day or the week and I'm ready to run, literally.


novice runner  |  Anderson, IN


I had a lot of questions to ask Coach Dana, and she was very responsive. She explained to me very patiently what the training is, how to run it, what post-training activity I should be doing, etc. Not only did Coach Dana’s advice help me to better understand the purpose of the training, but she made me feel comfortable and confident to run the course.


novice runner  |  Chicago, IL

I can do what I thought was impossible with my age and injuries. I was able to adjust and make accommodations and still push through. Felt great! I’m stronger and more determined than I knew I could be.


I stopped worrying about how fast or how far I was running and to just enjoy the run. My overall health is better and the way I think about health and exercise has improved.


I had a lot of doubt when Coach Larry first went over my running plan because he was introducing me to tempo runs and intervals that I had never tried before. Needless to say, Coach Larry put together the perfect running plan for me.  He created a plan that not only brought fun back into my daily runs, but also got my race pace to drop into times I hadn't run since high school.


experienced runner  |  Orlando, FL


After I discovered True Potential Running, completed the questionnaire and received the workouts, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it. With the encouragement and expertise of Dana, however, I’m happy to say that I’m enjoying running again and feeling great! The varied workouts have added excitement and a needed challenge to my running.


experienced runner  |  Wooster, OH

I feel as though I met and exceeded my goals which is such a crazy concept to grasp!


I have wanted to run and believe that I will continue to run and love running as part of my healthy lifestyle. I have new confidence in myself!


I'm not sure I would have ever taken the plunge to sign-up for my first half marathon had it not been for Coach Dana's steadfast coaching and encouragement. Such simple but profound advice that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Dana set me up for success by providing me with a training plan that was specific to my needs, goals and lifestyle. I loved the accountability and not having to plan and balance workouts.

Jess W.jpg

novice runner  |  Virginia Beach, VA


I did workouts I never would have done on my own, and within a month felt in much better shape and remembered why I love running so much in the first place. Dana was great about checking in, encouraging me, and making sure I stayed accountable to the training plan. So grateful for her and her great coaching!


experienced runner  |  San Francisco, CA

I was always running and training for a race - that was my "WHY." Now I learned to appreciate my body and be patient with my progress. Trusting the process.


I learned the importance of stretching before and after runs . I learned to control my pace and keep my thoughts in the present, not to over think the run process.


Today I am training so much differently—Dana has explained the “whys” and “because,” which has made me a better runner. Set your goal and Dana is right there to map it all out and put a plan together for you. I would without a question recommend Coach Dana to support you with whatever you are trying to achieve with running.


experienced runner  |  Ashland, OH

Tracey, PA Testimonial.jpg

Rachel has been my Coach for about 6
months and this is the best investment I've made in myself. I can’t say enough about the positives to having Coach. My runs have  more structure, consistency, and purpose as I work towards my first marathon. I am stronger and a better runner all around. It makes training for a marathon as a single mom so much easier. My first virtual half was 1:49. I look forward to continuing my training with Coach Rachel.


experienced runner  Pennsylvania, PA

True Potential Running has provided me with a solid foundation. I’m happy to be a True Potential athlete.


Thank you! Thank you! Honestly, I didn't think finishing a half marathon was something I could do. Not only did I finish with a smile on my face, but I felt great! 


Coach Larry was second-to-none increating a training program for me and answering all of my constant questions knowledgeably and patiently. But more importantly than that, he was able to customize my plan, adapt it as needed, and help me work through various unique challenges with calm and steady guidance.


novice runner  |  Ellicott City, MD

Mary - pic.jpeg

I've always considered myself to be a "runner" however a marathon was never a distance I thought I could tackle.  I reluctantly signed up for my first marathon with a couple friends & family members to benefit a cause that's near and dear to my heart, but as the training started it quickly became overwhelming and a bit stressful. I searched for a running coach to help me to train properly and to have an extra layer of accountability that I so desperately needed.  *Enter True Potential Running*  Best decision I made!  What a game changer.  Since starting with my coach, Rachel, my mental state has shifted - I'm more positive, more consistent and I look forward to my training runs.  For the first time EVER I feel I am ready to take on 26.2.  I am a mom of two with a husband that travels for work, and Rachel has taken the time to talk me through how my training schedule would go and help me realistically navigate how to make it work.  She has been more than understanding when I need to shift my training schedule around to fit my busy on-the-go lifestyle.  I look to Rachel and the True Potential Running community as a source of encouragement, inspiration and knowledge.  If you're looking to find your true potential, I could not recommend this program more.  You can do it!  I'm so happy I did. 


experienced runner  Orland Park, IL


experienced runner  Pittsburgh, PA

One of the biggest lessons I learned from this experience is that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay if you don’t know everything. You are not weak because of it. People won’t look at you any differently. And you’ll realize so many more people are willing to help. When I ran my first marathon, I went into it with the mindset that I could do it my way. I learned there’s so much more to running than just running. My nutrition was off. My form was off. My training was off. And so many more mistakes were made. I had to ask for help. If I wanted to grow, if I wanted to get better, I knew I had to ask for help. These pictures were taken 4 months apart. The first picture, I had minimal training, poor nutrition, and the belief I could do it on my own. In the second picture, I connected with a coach Coach Rachel, talked with my team Zire Nutrition & True Potential Running and together developed a plan. You can learn so much more by asking for help. I used to get so embarrassed when I asked for help, but it’s okay. As we get older, as we start to appreciate more in life. We realize we don’t have all the answers and asking for help can be the first small step towards the results you want. So don’t be afraid if you don’t know, there’s someone waiting to help you.

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 8.16_edited.jpg
1012282_296118252_XLarge (1).jpg

I was an athlete in high school and college and always understood the importance of coaching not only for support and accountability, but to also become the best version of myself.  In 2017 I ran my first marathon--and although I sought out training plans and digital plans, I never considered a coach for myself until I was training for my fifth NYC Marathon.  As a recent cancer survivor, I was having trouble getting my groove back and my mindset was beginning to falter.  I reached out to Dana at True Potential Running to help me and I never looked back.  She hooked me up with Coach Larry and the personalized attention has been so incredibly helpful.  Even just knowing someone is looking over my workouts and runs gives me that extra push to really finish strong.  Now, of course, I wish I contacted Dana sooner. No matter where you are in your running journey--you deserve a coach--it is a minimal self-investment that yields really big results.


experienced runner  New York City, NY

My only regret is that I should have had a running coach sooner. Thank you TPR!


I started running again at the beginning of the pandemic. Training on my own I was making progress but my body was beginning to break down the more I pushed. It was time to get help. I found TPR. I connected with Coach Larry, and from the first meeting, we clicked. He understood my goals, gave me a thought out plan, and we communicate consistently. From September, when I started with TPR to December, I cut 10 minutes off my half marathon time, and am close to qualifying for USATF Nationals in 2022. At age 45 I am running stronger than at age 17, all thanks to TPR and Coach Larry.  My wife is also now a client and ready for her first half marathon and running Boston all thanks to TPR!


experienced runner  Orlando, FL

1135935_311351580_XLarge copy.jpg

I've been running for MANY years. I didn't think I needed a coach. Rachel has made a HUGE difference in my running. I've gotten faster, more confident and have made strides in my pre and during race nutrition. THEN, I had the opportunity to run The Boston Marathon with only 8 weeks to train. Coach Rachel pivoted my training from speed work to hill training and packing on the miles. I have no doubt I never would have made it through the Newton Hills without her. I am so grateful for what True Potential has brought to my running!


experienced runner  Chicago, IL

I didn't realize how much adding in strength training and nutrition would help my running. I am feeling stronger and better than I ever have. 


experienced runner  MI

I did want to tell you that Sara Plumstead is the best coach I have ever had.  I ran a marathon about two weeks ago and it was hands-down the best race I have ever run. Not only was I prepared as far as the run, she helped me with fueling and every other detail for the race. 


Beyond grateful for the dedication and knowledge from the TPR Coaches. I ran my goal of 26.2 miles, but without my Coach, I never would've accomplished crossing that finish line with a
smile. Thank you isn't enough.


I want to thank Coach Larry for everything he
did with me to obtain this great achievement of completing my first marathon; as well as the great  True Potential Running Team who helped me get stronger with each session. 
Throughout the training I felt completely assisted by Larry, I never missed a message of encouragement to continue and go for more...!!  Thank you Coach Larry.

I'm not stopping here, this is not the end... I will continue with being one more TPR athlete together with my coach Larry.  My next challenge: run the Orlando Half Marathon again in December '22, I am already registered, so when do you say I start training... from there I know that many more races will come and why not, a second marathon... 

Gian C.

experienced runner  Florida

Shannon B.jpeg

I have been running for over 10 years and am totally obsessed with learning all I can to become a better runner. I’ve had a big goal of finishing a marathon for a long time but knew I couldn’t do that on my own. I had been battling a lower leg injury for some time and knew I needed more expertise to get me across that finish line. I reached out to Rachel for help and she was a perfect fit. She helped me build a really strong base with different workouts I hadn’t tried before. I learned so much about what my body can and can’t handle and finished my marathon feeling so proud!!!! I have learned so much about running and I feel so much more confident now. I’m excited to see what else I can do to improve as a runner with her help!


experienced runner  Hildreth, NE


experienced runner  Holdrege, NE

I worked with Coach Rachel for a year while working up to running a full marathon. I’ve been running for several years but never incorporated different types of running workouts into my training. Rachel taught me the importance of keeping the easy days easy and pushing myself on the harder days.  I also learned how important it is to fuel my body before and during a run! I feel that I learned so much in one year from Rachel and look forward to becoming an even stronger runner in the years ahead! I always appreciated her quick response to any questions I had along the way!

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