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The base is where it's at...

Building a solid foundation of easy base miles is equally essential whether you are a new runner, a seasoned runner, or an elite superstar. This may be a new concept or something you have heard or even actively practicing, but do you know why you should focus on a solid base foundation? Buckle up, and let's go for a ride! First, let's define what a base foundation even is. Simply put, it is several days, even weeks, of slowly increasing your mileage at an easy and comfortable pace. Think of a pyramid; the bigger and broader the bottom layer, the more it can support the layers on top (tempo, interval, speed workouts, etc.) This is what building a base foundation does for runners. It allows runners (and walkers) to adjust slowly and adapt to the impact that running has on our bodies. During the base-building phase, runners typically have several shorter runs, one or two mid-length runs, and a longer run. The specific distance and time are all relative to the runner and the individual. Here are a few tips for building a solid foundation for those who are either starting as a beginner runner or returning after a break or injury:

  • Gradually build your time and distance over several weeks

  • The easy-paced runs should be comfortable enough that you could carry on a conversation with someone

  • Incorporate run/walk into workouts (ex: run easy for 2 minutes, walk for 2 minutes, repeat)

  • Be patient!

  • Hire a TPR-run coach to create an individualized training plan specific to you and your goals!

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