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A 4-Week Progressive Overload Program for Injury-Free Training

We are really excited to unveil TPR’s new strength programming designed by TPR Coach Sara (you can follow her on Instagram here)!

Women running and strength training to be injury-free

Our strength program will now reflect a 4-week schedule based on the concept of progressive overload.

Progressive overload increases muscle load through heavier weights and/or additional repetitions to increase muscle strength.

The exercises will still incorporate equipment you have in your home gym, such as dumbbells and resistance bands.

Each four-week phase will incorporate the same group of exercises. Each week, the reps or set design of the exercises will change to continually challenge your muscles and allow you to see your progress over time as you can complete more reps of each exercise and possibly do so with heavier weights. A brand new set of exercises will be introduced upon completing each four-week phase.

For example:

Week 1: Complete 3 sets of each series of 3 exercises - 6 reps of each exercise

Week 2: Complete 3 sets of each series of 3 exercises - 8 reps of each exercise Week 3: Complete 3 sets of each series of 3 exercises - 10 reps of each exercise. Week 4: Complete 3 sets of each series of 3 exercises - 12 reps of each exercise

All the exercises are programmed into your schedule to make you stronger and keep you running injury-free!

If you want to learn more about how you can participate in the strength training program designed by Sara to run injury-free, apply for run coaching here.

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