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My journey to the Boston Marathon

It meant the world to me to finally get to run this prestigious race! It has been a lifelong dream to run the Boston Marathon. My story is so long and at times painful. I set the goal to run Boston when I was a high school cross country runner. My coach had run Boston many times. But I didn’t have the courage to run my first marathon until my 30s. I got my first BQ at my 7th marathon, but I missed getting into the 2018 marathon by 1 second! I got my second BQ at my 9th marathon, and got in for 2020 Boston! But the marathon was postponed and then cancelled. I had several BQs for the 2021 Boston Marathon, but due to the reduced field size I didn’t make the very large cut off. So finally in 2021 at the Wineglass Marathon (my 15th marathon), I got my marathon PR (Personal Record) 3:30:21 and the biggest cushion of nearly 10 minutes. I was leaving nothing to chance! And I made it in for the 2022 race! This 5 year running journey to get to the Boston starting line pushed me to grow so much as a runner physically and mentally.

"My Boston Marathon weekend was truly INCREDIBLE & MAGICAL!"

It is a true celebration of running and everything is done in such an impressive manner. From spending time at the iconic finish line, meeting running friends, buying all the Boston swag, and experiencing everything that is part of race day, it was everything I had dreamed of for so long. I loved running through all of the towns that make up the Boston Marathon course. The spectators were like nothing I’d ever seen! It was so loud and so uplifting the entire race. While I went in trying to hit a specific time goal, shortly into the race I decided to just enjoy it. I high fived so many kids, read the signs and laughed, blew kisses to the Wellesley girls, and tried to survive the Newton hills.

The course was hard! It seemed like we were always running up or down a hill! And it was such a sweet relief to make that right on Hereford and then left on Boylston. It was so loud, exciting, and emotional! I finally got my unicorn! It was an incredibly special experience that I will treasure forever!

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